LEADERSHIP LAB 20/20 - Spring 2019 - Date to be detemrined

An 18-month deep dive into oneself in order to better understand those around you. That foundation leads to better communications, higher performing teams and a strong company culture that adds to the bottomline.
This is a multi-company, class-style format – perfect for the individual leader or 2 employees from the same company. It included a 4-hour class every month, one 30-minute monthly coaching call, a LinkedIn Community and 4 different assessments.The fee for this 18-month course is $7,500 per person - paid in six quarterly installments of $1,250. 

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PRE-REGISTER for Spring 2019.
FIrst payment not due until 2 weeks before class begins.


Prefer to have your whole leadership team involved? We can do that at your location!

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Join our Business Breakfast Series, where you will meet other business executives who read the featured book. You’ll benefit from a roundtable discussion and learn some practical tools for your business. A recent group was asked to capture the bookclub in one word or short phrase, and here's their feedback: Confirmation... Engaging... Exciting... Awakening... Challenging... Refreshing...Eye opening... Won’t miss anymore... I’ll be here next time, too.
It’s easy to join in: Buy the book, start reading and RSVP today!

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NEXT DATE: February 26, 2019  Halftime by Bob Buford

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Reserve your spot at this informative and fast-paced breakfast club for executives who love learning. Group meets in the training room at Concannon Miller, Bethlehem, PA.

Future 2019 dates - book to be announced:
   • May 14th
   • October 31st




Check out the “cliff notes” on these previously featured books and stay ahead of the class.

10.24.18:   Discover Your True North Bill George
05.17.18:   Trust Factor Paul Zak
02.21.18:   Everybody Matters Bob Chapman
10.17.17:   GRIT Angela Duckworth
05.16.17:   On The Brink Andi Simon
02.22.17:   Originals Adam Grant
10.20.16:   The Art of People Dave Kerpen
05.11.16:   Start With Why  Simon Sinek
02.09.16:   Slight Edge  Jeff Olson
10.13.15:   How Google Works  Eric Schmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg
06.09.15:   Strengths Finder  Tom Rath
02.10.15:   Inside Advantage  Bob Bloom
10.14.14:   David and Goliath  Malcom Gladwell
06.10.14:   Crucial Conversations  Kerry Patterson
09.24.13:   How Companies Win  Rick Kash
06.11.13:   Multipliers  Liz Wiseman


Need to unite and rally the team? Ready to roll up your sleeves and start tackling the tough issues? Then hire Tom Garrity. Whether it's an hour-long speaking engagement or a 2-day workshop, the power of an outside facilitator can be just the spark to ignite your team and the business.

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Upcoming Engagements:

Feb 2019:   Next Generation Academy Workshop - McDonald's Family-Owned Franchises
                   St Petersburg, Florida   2-day event

Aug 2018:  Next Generation Academy Workshop - Lehigh Valley
                  Bethlehem, PA   Monthly sessions; more details to come

03.20.18:  Scaling Up Workshop
                 Bethlehem, PA  1-day event

03.13.18:  Scaling Up Workshop - SOLD OUT!
                 Bethlehem, PA  1-day event