Hello, I'm Lizette and since I can remember I have always felt most energized when connecting the dots, simplifying complexities and solving problems. For the last 20+ years, strategy development and business transformations have been my passion.

My extensive background in strategic planning, my drive to align hearts and minds around a vision, and my experience living and working in different countries motivates me to deeply understand diverse cultural and business perspectives. This allows me to support senior leadership in setting a clear strategic vision and driving successful implementation through simplifying key issues and building consensus across diverse cross-functional teams.

Born and raised in Mexico, my studies began at Tecnológico de Monterrey with a B.S. in Electonic Systems. I attended Universidad de Monterrey to earn my Masters in Organizational Management, and Harvard Business School to earn my MBA. I am a certified Gravitas Impact Coach, Positive Intelligence Coach, Score mentor, and a TAP Consultant for Minority-Owned Business Applicants.

I am proud of my successful track record of producing operational improvements that increase efficiency and identifying new market opportunities that increase stakeholder value through complex, multi-faceted strategic programs in technology and life insurance companies. I am excited to partner with clients who believe setting clearly defined strategic priorities and aligning people, processes and technology to those goals are critical to the organization’s success.


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