2 Questions to Test Your Level of Execution

Execution is about getting things done. Seems so simple and straightforward doesn’t it? And it’s critical in being able to scale a business. So how would you score the effectiveness of your company’s execution? Here are two great questions to ask yourself about your company’s execution:
• Are all of our processes running without drama?
• Are those processes driving the results we want?
When you look at your answers and really analyze them, are you finding that drama has taken up residence inside the company? Rest assured, you are not alone. Drama can show up all over an organization, not just in the form of team dysfunction; but also poor quality, late deliveries, poor communication up and down the line, etc… 
These gaps in execution become ‘black holes’ for revenue. Money just disappears in these gaps and it generally goes unseen or unnoticed or not given attention – until something BIG blows up. I think companies underestimate the true cost of poor execution. 
Far too often business owners stop short. They invest in developing a strategic plan but then there's no execution plan behind it. That means they just wasted time and money creating nothing more than a fantasy state. It really does come down to Execution.
When companies execute well, execution is embedded in their culture.  It’s just what they do, and who they are.
There is a simple formula to help you take your execution to the next level and make it part of your company’s DNA: 
  PRIORITIES:  Less is more in driving focus and alignment
•  DATA:  Qualitative and quantitative feedback and data
•  MEETING RHYTHM:  A rhythm to review results, make adjustments and decide next steps
Following this methodology creates clarity, focus, and alignment. It also provides insight into what is actually happening in the business. And a meeting rhythm keeps people focused and accountable, allowing you to make decisions better and faster.   

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