Barely Surviving This Level



What is standing between you and your best? 

What is keeping you from being your best? 

What’s holding you back? 

What to do when your current self is barely surviving? 


Grab your coffee. We need to chat. 


Who are the people you see crushing all their goals? They seem to be running circles around you, while you’re still trying to sufficiently caffeinate yourself and wake up for the day 


How do they do it? 

How do some people achieve success more quickly than others do?  

How do they maintain that success over the long term? 

How they do it all AND still manage to be happy? 

What’s their secret?! 


If you desire that kind of focus and energy, the secret is in a place most people overlook.  

It is within YOU, your mindset and your daily habits. 


Believe it or not, high performers’ success is due in large part to their healthy approach to living – not just a focus on doing the work. They have applied that holistic approach to every aspect of their daily lives. Creating a high-performance life comes down to high performance habits. 


personally discovered Brendon Burchard several years ago when going through a difficult time in my own life. His writing helped me get back on track.  In 2019, I learned that he offered a coaching program based on helping people incorporate the 6 High Performance Habits that lead them to live extraordinary lives. I WAS ALL IN! 


These habits are rooted in genuine research, compiled through extensive interviews with both high performers and those who are struggling to survive their current level of being (can you relate?)These are the habits needed to become a your best selfAnd as I mentioned before it isn’t a secret—all the answers are right there for you and in you 


That’s where I’d like to offer some help, because we all know if it was as easy as reading a book, we would have already done it. The challenges lie in altering our self-limiting beliefs and shifting unproductive routines to new habits that serve us and our goals. 


Every Thursday at 10AM I am hosting "Coffee & Coaching with Cheyenne". This is a virtual coffee date with a High Performance Peer Group via Zoom. It's free. All you need to do is bring your own coffee and the desire to grow your capacityIn this hour long session, I’ll be diving into a varierty of topics related to Brendon’s 6 High Performance Habits: Clarity, Energy, Necessity, Productivity, Influence and Courage. It is an interactive discussion where you can ask questions, get tips and share what's worked for you. Click here to request the zoom link!


While this blog can serve as a jump start, I strongly encourage you to pick up Brendon's book and start reading! It will really get you thinking about how you can make meaningful changes in your life that will help you grow and build a foundation of critical habits needed to sustain high performance.  


There’s no better time to start taking action than TODAY. Let’s build our best-selves together. 




Cheyenne Bennett, Ph.D., is Leadership & Talent Coach at Compass Point. Cheyenne is a Certified High Performance Coach, DiSC Certified and experienced with Myers-Briggs as well as Gallup StrengthsFinder. She helps companies develop their leaders through two types of programs. Leadership Lab 20/20 is a peer group that helps established, as well as up-and-coming leaders focus on self-awareness, communication and healthy conflict to grow themselves and their teams. Cheyenne also works with individuals seeking intensive 1:1 executive coaching to elevate their performance and impact across all aspects of their lives. Contact Cheyenne at to discuss your vision of leadership. 

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