Calling All Owners!

Knowing what you know TODAY, would you enthusiastically re-hire everyone on your team?
What was your first thought? (It’s okay to be honest here.)
That question is usually met with a few laughs when we ask it. Then we often hear, “NO, I wouldn’t re-hire some, let alone enthusiastically re-hire them!
Great temperature-check question, isn’t it?

But now what?
There are three options here:

  1. Don’t do a dang thing.
  2. Fire the person.
  3. The easiest & most human option…more on that later.

So, let’s explore these options:

1. Don’t do a dang thing…

It’s so easy to ignore problems, am I right? We think we can deal with it by staying busy, letting someone else deal with the person, or waiting and wishing that they figure it out and make the much-needed changes. How often does that actually happen?  I rest my case.
Think: An object in motion stays in motion unless acted on by an outside force. 
Momentum is a usually a good thing, yet when we take this law and apply it to toxic people, it is disruptive and destructive. People don’t change “just because”. They change when a force outside themselves makes it so that they must change. 
In this case, you can wait for a person to have some “come to Jesus moment” where they realize they need to be better…OR…you can be the benevolent outside force that shows them the way – that something needs to change. That they have the ability – and the potential – to change.
“Wait that’s hard Cheyenne…it’s not easy to tell someone that what they are doing is having a negative impact on productivity, the team, and the business.”
You are right. However, this blog is not about hiring the right people for the right seat the first time. This blog is about making a course correction ASAP when you realize your team isn’t all A-players. Don’t think this disruptive and/or unperforming employee goes unnoticed by the rest of your team. They see it – EVERY DAY.
If you avoid that difficult, uncomfortable conversation
, you’ll get some unintended consequences that you won’t like:  your A-Players will mentally check out and begin looking for a better working environment. At the end of the day, A-players only want to play with A-players. If you tolerate anything less, you’re A-players will be gone. 
I hope you see why we MUST “do a dang thing” and address the issue.
Let’s check out the next option.


Yes, that is certainly an option. But before you go there, I have question:
Did you hire them for a short-term need OR did you hire them to be a long-term team member? Another way to put it – and this is Tom’s mantra—"Did you hire them for what they can DO or for who they ARE?”
What Tom is referring to is does this person align with the company’s core values? There are two possible outcomes:

  • This person does align, but… they are missing hard (technical) or soft (people) skills for this position. Perhaps due to personnel changes, downsizing, etc., they ended up in the wrong seat. 

This is fixable and we’ll circle back to that solution.

  • Instead, let’s talk about the people who DO NOT align with the core values of the company. They may be crushing their task list but leave this wake of toxicity behind them. (Think about the salesperson that steals accounts from a fellow teammate or a manager... someone who is beloved by customers yet loathed by their team.)

What the heck do we do with these people??? 
TALK to them about these behaviors. 
Do they change and get better? Awesome. 
Do they continue to act in the same way, to the detriment of everyone on the team? Yes? them.
Remember what I shared earlier; A-players only want to play with A-players. 
Not familiar with the term “A-player”?  This is someone who has the technical know-how that their role requires, PLUS they care about and support the team which creates an awesome culture to work for. 
If someone doesn’t have both of those components, then we, as business owners, need to act swiftly. If we don’t, we are going to lose those individuals who are REALLY engaged with the mission and values of the company.
To learn more about A, B, C & D players, check out this 5-minute video and download the Player Grid worksheet.

3. The Easiest & Most Human Option: Coach them UP!

And here we are…now we are talking about the individuals who align to our core values but maybe aren’t crushing the work as much as they could be. 
Talk to them. Coach them.
These are GOOD people who care about the company and the mission, yet for some reason they are missing the mark. 

  • Do they need more training? Get it for them?
  • Are deadlines and expectations looming? Ask them for ideas to solve issues.
  • Do they need more help to do their job effectively? Listen and shift resources if you can.

You don’t know what’s going on until you ask. And, trust me, you want to ask. Because, when they believe they are part of something bigger, this type of person will work for you with blood, sweat, and tears. The others are just in it for the paycheck and benefits.
Once you’ve assessed your team and taken care of any and all issues (remember, this will take time), you should have a pretty good team! You will have a ton of A-players who support where the company’s mission and will work their booties off to help you get there. Woo! Just what we wanted!
So, let me ask again: “Would you enthusiastically re-hire everyone on your team?”
After this process, you are more likely to say, “Absolutely!”
What a great feeling that is, right??
Word of caution – don’t become complacent. Leaders can’t ignore those awesome A-players on the team. Recognition is nice and important, but do you know what they really want? Growth. Believe it or not, those A-players, who are already rocking their jobs and their team cohesiveness, want to get even better!
Engaged employees want to learn to become better leaders. They want to improve their skills or learn the newest technology that will make them more valuable to the team, the business, customers, and themselves.
They. Want. To. Grow.
So, what do you do?  INVEST IN YOUR PEOPLE. You will reap the rewards ten-fold.
Now, with all those A-players on your team who are super excited about growing and learning… would you enthusiastically re-hire each one of them?  That’s right. Yes. Yes, you would. ;-)

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