What sandbox are you playing in?

While a sandbox is an unconventional image to describe a facet of your business, it really is the perfect analogy.  
And yes, you should conjure up an image of your childhood where you spent time in a shallow box filled with sand and of course a few toys. It had structure and you knew what you were going to do when you sat in that warm sand.  You also (hopefully) limited your playing with sand inside of your sandbox, with friends who knew how to play creatively in the sand, and resisted throwing it in others’ faces.
Now consider if there was no sandbox; no defined space. Without that simple box structure, it would be much more difficult to work with the sand, falling in between blades of grass, getting spread out too much to build or mound into castles and other architectural achievements.  
The same goes for business. Just as children learn to play within the 4 sides of a sandbox, businesses essentially do the same thing. Your business’ sandbox is your field of play. It’s where your organization plans:

  • what products and services you’re going to deliver (what you create with the sand)
  • who you will deliver those products/services (who you invite to the sandbox) to, and 
  • where are the distribution channels to reach those ideal customers (which sand tools you’ll use) 

What’s even better about a business’ sandbox is that it helps your business determine which products/services you won’t create, who you won’t sell to and where you won’t deliver products/services. This structure helps narrow and refine the company’s focus and creates agile growth.
A well-defined sandbox helps you make better decisions.
As businesses think about how they are going to innovate and evolve to meet the needs of the new world, this sandbox concept can really help a business focus on the right markets to serve, products and services to develop and sell, and how to reach those new markets (and avoid the wrong ones). 
It builds a framework for quicker, more strategic decisions made by the leadership team and  gets everyone playing efficiently in the same sandbox.  
To determine if you have designed the right sandbox, click here to get a free worksheet and training video to share with your team. Let’s see what you can build together.

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