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As a business owner, do you want to make more income today, and create more business value for tomorrow?  Here’s the secret – manage business value now.   But first let's talk about how EBITDA impacts the value of your business.   Most business owners, in fact most people, don’t understand what really drives business value and that it can actually be managed.   A business that has maximized its... Read the Full Story
Posted by Tom Garrity on April 11, 2018
John Maxwell, internationally known pastor and leadership expert, has often stated that our attitude determines our approach to life.  In other words, our attitude gets us what we deserve in life.   One of my favorite stories told by Maxwell is about a Grandma and Grandpa who visited the grandchildren. Each afternoon Grandpa would lie down for a nap. One day, as a practical joke, the kids decided... Read the Full Story
Posted by Tom Garrity on March 21, 2018
There is no truer statement. A business is either growing or it is declining. Period. Which one describes your business right now? The challenge for many owners is figuring out how to get the business positioned for steady, predictable growth; where the whole company is functioning in unison.    Wouldn’t it be great if there were a system? (Hint: there is…)   I’ve been talking a lot in the last... Read the Full Story
Posted by Tom Garrity on March 7, 2018
Over the last 3 blogs, I’ve been walking business owners through the 4 Decisions a leader must make when looking to scale up their business.  We’ve reviewed the importance of People, the significance of Strategy, the power of Execution and now a frank discussion about the need for Cash.   If you're scaling up your business, it's going to require cash. LOTS of it.  It takes cash for things like... Read the Full Story
Posted by Tom Garrity on February 21, 2018
Execution is about getting things done. Seems so simple and straightforward doesn’t it? And it’s critical in being able to scale a business. So how would you score the effectiveness of your company’s execution? Here are two great questions to ask yourself about your company’s execution:   • Are all of our processes running without drama?   • Are those processes driving the results we want?   When... Read the Full Story
Posted by Tom Garrity on February 7, 2018
Every business owner likes to think they are unique, different and better than the competition. Yet often when asked what makes them different from everyone else, their response is either overused terminology, a labored search for the right words or awkward silence.  True differentiation comes from having a real plan – a strategy – for growing the business.   Try these two tests to vet your... Read the Full Story
Posted by Tom Garrity on January 25, 2018
Think about it. Would you enthusiastically hire everyone on your team?  No company can outgrow its leadership team. They are the ceiling to growth.  Either they get smarter, or you bring smarter people to the team, or you stall. And stalling for too long leads to decline.    Great leaders are not necessarily big charismatic personalities. In fact, most of the time they aren’t.  They are the... Read the Full Story
Posted by Tom Garrity on January 11, 2018
How a bad hire could set your business back for months By Tina Hamilton, PHR, President and CEO of myHR Partner, Inc.  As the owner of an HR outsourcing firm, I get asked on occasion about what is the one piece of advice I think just about all companies should know when it comes to hiring practices. While there are quite a few things you can probably do differently to attract talent to join your... Read the Full Story
Posted by Tom Garrity on December 13, 2017
One thing I can guarantee every business owner – 100% of them will exit their business at some point in time. The question is will it be on their terms or someone else’s?  Business is hard.  Trying to grow while dealing with all the challenges presented by employees, customers, competitors, vendors, and banks is challenging. Seems like this juggling act can occupy the whole day.  It is this... Read the Full Story
Posted by Tom Garrity on October 11, 2017
 “We need more accountability and better results.”   Ah, if only I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard this statement. In fact, I can’t think of a business owner whom I have met or worked with that didn’t have an issue with accountability going MIA at some point in their company.   Accountability seems to be eluding a lot of us. Yet there is a simple solution. It is called rhythm – meeting... Read the Full Story
Posted by Tom Garrity on September 27, 2017