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Advertising / Publishing
Negative working capital, poor margins, no growth, frustrated owners and employees
Publisher of several regional magazines and newspapers

Conducted 2 day off-site Strategic Planning Retreat. Needed the entire team to understand the situation and become part of the solution. Complete financial, customer, competitive, employee, and operations analysis. Reviewed industry trends and made assumptions based on analysis. Uncovered a major pricing strategy flaw. All agreed to major cuts in salaries, wages and other operating expenses to stop the bleeding. Developed a dashboard to create visibility on goals and progress.

  • Company went from two years of operating losses to a positive net margin of 12%.
  • Working capital completely turned around over the next 18 months to provide healthy operating cash.
  • ARO went from 90+ days to <45 days.
  • Reinstated full wages within 18 months, plus a raise.
  • Went from COD with major vendors to Preferred Vendor Status, getting 5% cash discounts for prompt payment.
  • Shareholders able to take distributions for first time in 10 years.

“We broke the company down, understanding for the first time where we made money and where we lost it. It wasn’t pretty, but it helped us focus on what mattered, and to begin to build a growth plan that made sense. I don’t know if we would be in business today if Tom hadn’t helped us develop a strategic plan that ultimately we owned and implemented.”

32:1 in 12 months

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