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Commercial Laundry
7 of top 10 senior executives were within 12 to 24 months of natural retirement age
Commercial linen laundry

Met with senior management to establish goals. Met with cross section of employees to understand culture and challenges.  Identified succession candidates and create Individual Development Plans.  Identified gaps where no successor existed, including CEO.  Helped conduct outside search for CEO.

  • All positions replaced successfully with 18 months
  • No loss of key employees
  • Maintained business performance
  • Established new strategic plan with new team
  • Successors properly prepared to step into new positions

“What began as a very uncomfortable situation, turned into the perfect outcome. We were totally unprepared for the transition of leadership, but Compass Point helped us walk through the process, communicate to our people well, and ultimately put the right successors in the seats.”

14:1 in 12 months

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