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Food Processing
No clear plan for growth; no succession plan; no owner transition plan; owner responsible for too many key functions.
Regional Fruit Processor, Packager and Distributor

Conducted two day off-site strategy planning retreat.  Began to develop and educate the leadership team in the workings of the business, taking some of the pressure off the owner.  Additionally, the owner was leaning towards a family member as his successor, but in the end, that is not what the family member wanted.  We uncovered other talent within to continue the succession process.

  • New potential successor found in another family member, who is excited about the opportunity.  
  • Leadership team stepped up to provide strong, operational support in the business.  
  • Company focused on filling key positions with top talent  - revenue grew over $2,000,000, and gross profit improve 4%
  • Owner is now focused on growing the business to build value – we matched growth needed to meet his retirement needs and built out the plan accordingly

“Decisions with family members are sometimes the hardest, as you don’t want to hurt feelings or create dysfunction. We were able to work through some challenges around succession, and I am now confident we are on the right track. Tom really helped us have the crucial conversations, as he likes to call them. And the business is growing as well. I’m looking forward to the next five years of growth and leadership transition.”

8:1 in 18 months

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