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It’s The Simple Math That Doesn’t Get Done

Family business owners are passionate about what they do. They’re working to carry on a business that family built – by their parents, grandparents, sometimes even great-grandparents and beyond. These owners are so busy providing for their employees, communities, and the next generation that they often ignore their own financial future. Boiling it down to its true essence, business is a means to building wealth. And what are we supposed to do with that wealth?

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Unequivocal Responsibility OR Something Less

Unequivocal responsibility-taking does not come naturally. True, we have an innate sense of when we’ve harmed others – the conscience inevitably pricks at us. However, we all also have an ingrained tendency to seek escape from consequences and accountability. We know what we should do, what we need to do, and yet we flee from it.

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My ONE word to sum up 2021…

In the last twelve months, I have seen it all in the faces of my clients, my colleagues, and my team. I have felt it with my family, within myself, and my thoughts. While each group faced its unique challenges, there was a common need woven throughout it all for everyone this year. And that is my one word to sum up 2021 – belongingness.

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Attention Please. Now Boarding All High Performer

Two years ago, I boarded a plane for California. I remember it being BEFORE DAWN…which is so NOT my time of day…

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Multiply What Matters Most – the Genius Around You

How can you ensure you’re creating and leaving a positive leadership legacy for yourself and your team? Everyone has bad days, sure. But you need to have the good days outnumber the bad ones. How? Become a Multiplier leader. Multipliers get 200% more capability from their employees than Accidental Diminishers do.

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What’s love (power & money) got to do with family business? EVERYTHING.

When I began my career in family business consulting nearly 20 years ago, I met Dean Fowler, one of the early thought leaders in the field of family business and author of several books, most notably Love, Power and Money. As it turns out, these 3 words line up perfectly with the famed 3-circle model developed by Davis and Tagiuri of the Harvard Business School in 1978,  depicting the family business system - the intersecting circles of family, business, and ownership...

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Hiring a Milkshake – A Jobs to Be Done Business Story

According to Peter Drucker, a customer rarely buys what the company thinks it’s selling. Wait, what? That’s right – what the company had in mind when first creating the product or service is likely NOT the real reason a customer will buy it. This is where I want to introduce the concept of jobs to be done...

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What is Your Lifestyle Number?

More often than not, when I ask business owners what their lifestyle number is I hear either “I don’t know” or “I THINK I need (X)”...

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The 8 Family Business Transition Options – Which Will You Choose?

According to a survey conducted by the Exit Planning Institute, a staggering 75% of privately-held business owners regret selling or transitioning out of their business within 12 months of the transaction. How is it possible that owners are so disappointed just one year after what should be the happiest day of their life? There is a disconnect between their head and their heart.

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