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Join our morning book club, where you will be part of a lively group of business executives, sharing takeaways and a-ha moments in the featured book. Benefit from the roundtable-style discussion and learn practical tools for yourself and your business.

This is an informal, informative, and fast-paced online breakfast club, making it easy to attend.

It’s easy to join in – buy the book and start reading! A zoom link will be provided to join! Want more information or an easy way to share this with a colleague? Simply share this page URL.

Visit Amazon to buy the book.

Join the Biz Book & Breakfast Club on May 31, 2023 featuring the book All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, by Robert Fulghum

Zoom begins at 7:30AM EST. Please mark your calendars, check your time zone and RSVP below!

After all, Leaders are Readers.