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The Collective:

A Family Business Peer Group

Created and facilitated by experts and designed to address the unique challenges of your family business.

Attend our exclusive event and learn from our team. Hear the challenges other business owners are facing and get interactive support and resources to help your daily operations.

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Leading a family business presents unique challenges and keeping things running smoothly can be difficult when managing it on your own.

Whether you are struggling with your overall business strategy, dealing with heirs who are unprepared to take on the business, or working on your succession plan, we are here to help. That’s why we created The Collective, a virtual event focused on solving family business issues and building a peer network in one.

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Created exclusively for family business owners and leadership team members, The Collective provides a place to:

  • Learn from top family business consultants and coaches
  • Get interactive support and resources for your business
  • Ask questions and get real-time answers
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