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Change Makers.

Why Family is at the Core of What We Do

There are roughly 28 million businesses in the United States. Nearly 90% of those businesses are family-owned. Compass Point is a family business consulting firm specializing in family-owned companies. Why? Because family businesses are the heart and soul of, not only our economy but, our local communities as well. We provide hands-on consulting, advisement, and coaching to help businesses close performance gaps; give owners practical, actionable tools that drive growth; develop leaders, and position the business for successful ownership transition. All on their terms.

Our ideal client is a family business owner:

  • with company revenues between $5M and $100M
  • looking to grow the business to its potential
  • striving to deliver exceptional value to customers
  • who understands the value of investing in their people
  • who cares about the legacy of the business
  • who wants to protect their family’s financial future
Tom Garrity
Cheryl Doll
Matthew Baran
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Our Core Values

Core Values, a handful of clearly defined and deliberate rules that a company has in place and lives by regularly, identify the company’s expectations. Core Values are action-oriented statements that create a company’s culture, help the team navigate times of growth and inevitable challenges, provide structure for workplace culture, performance expectations, and leadership development, and guide the company on a path from good to great. At Compass Point, we live our teachings and have our own core values that guide everything we do, ultimately creating team alignment and the successful work we create for our clients every day.

Team First.

Show up, support one another

and elevate the team

Self Awareness.

Know and own your role in every situation

Take Initiative.

Taking action cures fears

Always Learning.

Treat everyday as a school day


Not thinking less of yourself, thinking of yourself less