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Succession is built,
not hoped for.

The success of the business to serve future generations starts with the decisions you make today.

Begin your plan

Succession on your terms.

Charting your transition begins now.

Identify business gaps, build tangible value and groom the right successor while you are still at the helm:

  • More options for succession on the table
  • Time to document and transfer knowledge
  • Mitigate risk through a dedicated succession plan
  • Ample runway to groom your chosen successor

The challenges & options of succession.

We advise owners against getting locked into only one path without considering all the transition options and how they will impact their succession plan.  Getting this right is a critical part of post-transition satisfaction. Think about what is going to be best for you, your family, your employees, and your community.


If you stepped aside today, would it be on your terms?

We can guarantee 100% of business owners will leave their business. Only 50% will do it on their terms. Will you be the one out of every two business owners who transitions the company on their terms… or not?

Ready to solve your challenge now?

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It begins with a 30-minute call. Find out how we work with family business owners who recognize that scaling the company requires mapping a course for the Business, Ownership and Family to take the journey together.

Why Compass Point?

“Compass Point has helped us develop a rolling 3-year strategic plan with the leadership team; built in accountability and monthly meeting rhythm to monitor progress, learn, and adjust as needed. We couldn’t have done this without them!”

Steve Cygan, Founder & Former CEO, Appeeling Fruit