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Goveranance is a safe harbor for the family in business.

Unspoken expectations can damage even the strongest family bond.

Protect the family & business

Managing Family Dynamics

Create positive family discourse

To lead a multi-generational family business, clear rules and expectations are set for long-term success by:

  • Establishing employment policies for family members
  • Setting equally clear guidelines for family members not in the business
  • Building a board of directors with outside, non-family business professionals
  • Creating defined protocols for solving family discourse

We help families have crucial conversations in order to remain families in business

Leading a family business involves managing the business strategy and operations while attending to the emotions and dynamics of the family. Formalizing family governance and business governance is critical to setting clear expectations for both the employees and the family.


A few simple rules can ensure family harmony.

There is a reason why only 33% of family businesses make it to the second generation and even fewer make it to the third generation. Running a business is hard. When you add family, it becomes exponentially harder. Learn why Governance is paramount for families in a family business.

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