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Business Strategy

Cash Conversion Cycle

CASH. It’s the lifeblood of every business, yet many companies struggle to understand the 4 cycles that impact its flow. Use this tool to begin identifying where your cash issues are coming from.

Execution Clock

Execution is all about setting priorities, establishing metrics, and communication routines. This tool can help you breakdown the obstacles that keep you from getting things DONE.

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Family Dynamics / Governance

3 Keys to Build & Maintain Family Business Harmony

Learn the 3 keys to build and maintain family business harmony.

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Next Chapter

Ownership Transition Objectives

75% of owners regret exiting their business in the first year. Much of this angst comes from not having a plan to move from CEO of the business to CEO of your next chapter. Understanding what you want in life after business – BEFORE you step away – starts here.

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Owner Financial Gap

How Healthy is Your Family Business Assessment

How well your business is prepared for times of uncertainty due to a 5Ds event or outside economic stress is critical to building a legacy. How healthy is your business? Take this 10-minute assessment.

Know the Number You Need the Business to be Worth

As a business owner focused on the day-to-day operations, it’s easy to lose sight that one day you will no longer be receiving regular distributions. Do you KNOW what income you need to sustain your desired lifestyle for the next 20 to 30 years once the business is no longer there to fund it?

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People / Talent

The Player Grid

The Player Grid will help you answer the critical question, “would you rehire everyone enthusiastically today?”  That pause says it all.

Ideal Team Player

Do you know the 3 qualities that embody an ideal player? Download the PDF to take a deeper dive and better manage your existing team as well as plan for that next hire.

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Transition / Succession

5Ds - Life Events That Derail Business Growth

The 5Ds – Death, Divorce, Disability, Disagreement and Distress – can happen to anyone, at any time. Would your business, family, and legacy survive? Learn how to plan for life’s curve balls.

The 10 Steps Every Family Business Should Take

Even if your transition is years away, there are steps every owner needs to take to build a thoughtful succession plan that protects the company, the owner, and the family unit. Here’s a checklist.

Where Family Businesses Come to Grow & Learn

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