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Know your numbers.

Can the business bridge the gap between today and your next chapter?

Uncover what you need

Uncover Your Financial & Lifestyle Gaps

Unlock your greatest asset

Uncovering financial gaps while you are still actively building the business can eliminate distress, litigations, and family conflict.

  • Leverage the financial pyramid
  • Live the life you worked so hard for
  • Create a generational legacy
  • Find security in knowing your numbers

How will you serve both your retirement and the business well?

People are living another 30 years beyond their retirements. Our process not only shows you what you need from the company to fully fund your future, it will also help determine what has to happen while you still have the ability to drive revenue and value in the business.


Will you have the lifestyle you and your family desire?

You’ve been leading the business for decades, so naturally, your income and wealth are deeply connected to the business. It has financed your life to date, but can it fund your next chapter?


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Wonder what it’s like to partner with Compass Point?

It begins with a 30-minute call. Find out how we work with family business owners who recognize that scaling the company requires mapping a course for the Business, Ownership and Family to take the journey together.

Why Compass Point?

“Compass Point has helped us develop a rolling 3-year strategic plan with the leadership team; built in accountability and monthly meeting rhythm to monitor progress, learn, and adjust as needed. We couldn’t have done this without them!”

Steve Cygan, Founder & Former CEO, Appeeling Fruit