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A strategic roadmap changes your trajectory.

The best course of action is to chart a path for profitable growth, a succession protocol, and cultural harmony.

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Dedicated focus for clarity

With focus on organizing the structure and strategy of your business, together we can…

  • Clarify your business goals
  • Align the entire organization
  • Provide clarity to team roles & responsibilities
  • Increase team and individual accountability
  • Create a plan for growth
Tom Garrity strategizing with clients

Without a business strategy, a company is adrift with no true direction.

With no forward movement, the company stalls and growth stops. A business strategy is your compass to sustainable growth, a greater multiple, and year-over-year success.


Is your business strategy visible to your team?

What’s your strategy for the next 90 days? The next year? What’s your 10-year BHAG? Is it written down for the leadership team to see and act upon? Or is it locked away in your head?

Learn how having a written business strategy can change the trajectory of your family business.

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It begins with a 30 minute call. Find out how we work with family business owners who recognize that scaling the company requires mapping a course for the Business, Ownership and Family to take the journey together.

Why Compass Point?

“Compass Point has helped us develop a rolling 3-year strategic plan with the leadership team; built in accountability and monthly meeting rhythm to monitor progress, learn, and adjust as needed. We couldn’t have done this without them!”

Steve Cygan, Founder & Former CEO, Appeeling Fruit