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Join our morning book club, where you will be part of a lively group of business executives, sharing takeaways and a-ha moments from the featured book. Benefit from the roundtable-style discussion and learn practical tools for yourself and your business.

This is an informal, informative, and fast-paced online breakfast club, making it easy to attend.

In May, we’ll discuss Your Business, Your Family, Your Legacy by George A. Isaac. Considered the definitive handbook on the challenges of managing a multi-generational family enterprise, it covers important topics like:

• Seven essential initiatives for business survival and growth
• Techniques to navigate family dynamics and prevent and manage conflict
• Strategies for establishing effective family and business governance
• A road map to forming and executing a workable (and living) succession plan
• …and more.

Building a multigenerational family business legacy means avoiding the pitfalls and traps that keep most family businesses from surviving past the current generation.

If this book sounds interesting to you, join the book club. It’s easy to do: just buy the book and start reading! A Zoom link will be provided in advance for you to join the session.

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Join the Biz Book & Breakfast Club!
May 21, 2024, 
we will discuss the book Your Business, Your Family, Your Legacy by George A. Isaac.

Zoom begins at 7:30AM EST. Please mark your calendars, check your time zone and RSVP below!

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