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Hear the heart and foundation behind Compass Point Consulting’s focus on family business from owner Tom Garrity. With over 21 years of experience, Compass Point has assisted numerous family businesses in building successful enterprises, aligning ownership groups, and fostering stronger family ties.


Hi, I’m Tom Garrity, the founder of Compass Point family business consulting. And thanks for investing some time today to learn about how we’ve worked with hundreds of family businesses much like yours, to help them build strong successful businesses, aligned ownership groups and stronger families.

I started this 21 years ago and I started it because I believe in family. I came to understand that these family businesses when they are run with families of character they make a tremendous impact in the communities that they’re in.

They are the cornerstones of the community – they contributed philanthropy, they volunteer, they provide really great jobs and they’re there for generations, which is what makes good strong communities and that’s what we’re all about.

It’s about helping you build a generational family business that’s good for your family and creates wealth, but it’s also really good for the communities that you reside in. If you want to take your family business to the next level of success, contact us. We’ll help you build the family business that you’ve always envisioned. Thank you.

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