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Successful Businesses.
Aligned Ownership.
Stronger Families.

Compass Point helps your family business find growth, legacy, and harmony.

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Navigating ownership, family, and business.

Compass Point is the family business consulting group that meets you where you are. Getting in the arena with you, looking at the landscape through your eyes, we help you get clear on how to navigate successfully to your next destination point.

We help families in business remain families.

The long-term success of family business systems depends on the functioning and mutual support of each of the overlapping groups that comprise the family business system: family, business and ownership. The viewpoints, concerns, dynamics and goals of each of these groups are different and that makes decision making difficult. We help you clarify the roles, perspectives, and issues to be resolved. Alignment of each of these areas is crucial for the success of a family business.


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Trusted guides on your business journey

There are consultants. And there are coaches. Then there is Compass Point. A team of family business experts with financial acumen, emotional intelligence and strong facilitation skills to help your leadership team navigate the inherent challenges within a family business. Successful businesses. Aligned Ownership. Stronger Families. That’s what you will achieve working with Compass Point.

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What’s New with Compass Point?


The long-game of Leadership

A high-performing team needs continuous investment, because of one simple fact: a company cannot outgrow its leadership.

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Where’s your road map for 2023?

Do you have your plan for first quarter 2023? Is it written down for the team to see, understand and act upon? Or is it still tucked away in your head, and shared as needed?

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Business Lessons Found in One of History’s Biggest Battles

Here’s the first lesson from the Allied victory on D-Day that’s directly relevant to business in 2022. Planning is essential because things rarely go as planned. Sound like a day in your life as a business owner?

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Wonder what it’s like to work with Compass Point?

It starts with a 30-minute call. Find out how we work with family business owners who recognize that scaling the company requires mapping a course for the Business, Ownership and Family to take the journey together.

Why Compass Point?

“Compass Point has helped us develop a rolling 3-year strategic plan with the leadership team; built in accountability and monthly meeting rhythm to monitor progress, learn, and adjust as needed. We couldn’t have done this without them!”

- Steve Cygan, Founder & Former CEO, Appeeling Fruit