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Meet the Lifestyle Pyramid. Its three building blocks are key to understanding what you need financially from the business today so you can fund the life you want tomorrow and beyond.

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It’s The Simple Math That Doesn’t Get Done

Family business owners are passionate about what they do. They’re working to carry on a business that family built – by their parents, grandparents, sometimes even great-grandparents and beyond. These owners are so busy providing for their employees, communities, and the next generation that they often ignore their own financial future. Boiling it down to its true essence, business is a means to building wealth. And what are we supposed to do with that wealth?

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Cash, it’s not just for CFOs

Here’s a concept that might seem controversial to some. Cash is not about finance.  Or accounting for that matter. Cash for a business is like oxygen to a human.  Without oxygen...

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Escape Analysis Paralysis with ONE Decision

In case you haven’t heard, building and growing a business is quite complex. It requires people, all of which have different perspectives, personalities...

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