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Whether you are augmenting your existing Compass Point strategic growth engagement with this leadership training OR this will be your first experience with us, we have the flexibility to start the 10-month program whenever you are ready.

Bringing our program onsite to a single company means the program focuses on your unique environment. The group will be limited to up to 10 of your senior and middle management personnel. Even our virtual Corporate Training was transformational during COVID.


  • Covers up to 10 people
  • Program fee can be paid in installments over the 10-month program
  • Fee includes onsite meetings, all materials, and assessments
  • Also includes an individual 30-minute, monthly coaching call with ALL participants during the 10 months
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LEADERSHIP LAB 20/20 Corporate Onsite Engagement Request for Information

Enter your contact information below so we can talk about how this leadership program can elevate your team and their performance. No money or credit card is due at this time. Signing up now simply begins the conversation for this transformative program.