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That’s truly how we look at our work with family businesses.

It’s a journey.

Every business owner has a different starting point and final destination.

Some bring us in early in their journey, while others hire us when a transition is on the horizon. Regardless of where an owner is in the business,  we meet them where they are. Our role is to advise them on charting their own unique course, then help them navigate all the points along the way to get there – on their terms.

That’s the purpose we wanted to convey in our new website.

Let’s take a closer look…


What’s Your Challenge?

Building and sustaining a business is hard. Raising a family in business is exponentially harder. You know this. You live it every day. We know the challenges are many.

Here’s what we hear most often from family business owners:

How do I get the business strategy out of my head?
What is the right path to grow my leaders and align the team?
How do plan my transition, even if it’s a year away?
Can I restore harmony to the family business and holiday gatherings?
Are there financial gaps I haven’t sufficiently addressed?
Can I design my next chapter before I close this one?

Tackling these challenges is the foundation behind our Six Pillars Framework. This multi-faceted approach helps family business owners meet those challenges and more. It’s also not a cookie-cutter solution nor do you do it alone. We are invested and there every step of the way as facilitators, guides, and confidants.

And unlike most other consultants, we address the elephant in the room – family dynamics. It’s hard work. Messy, emotional work, but when these challenges get resolved through governance, it’s some of the most satisfying work we do. Nothing beats restoring and preserving family relationships.



Blogs. Tools. Events.

A small shift in thinking can lead to big changes in the business.

Our team blogs are insightful, thought-provoking, and educational on topics impacting family businesses now.

Join the Family Biz Community and receive the latest release in your inbox.

We took inventory of our library of tools and updated the best of them. These tools are downloadable and free – even our most popular download “The 5Ds of Life”. Go check them out! And we will be expanding on this library in the future so stay tuned!

Sharing relevant information with business owners is a priority for Compass Point. We are building a calendar of events hosted by top-notch partners through Eastern PA and the Cap Region. Our two main focuses right now are “How to Grow in Uncertain Times” and “Governance Workshop for the Family in a Family Business”. These complimentary events are specifically for family businesses with revenues of $5Million to $100Million. Advance registration is required.


Meet Your Team

There are consultants. There are coaches. Then there is Compass Point.

Our team blends business consulting, financial acumen, leadership coaching and emotional intelligence to be a holistic resource for our clients. Check out the individual bios on Tom, Cheyenne, Cheryl, Matthew, Lizette and John to learn more about them, not just as professionals, but as people, too.

We are consultants. We are coaches. But more importantly we are change agents for the family who wants to build a more successful business, align the ownership, forge a stronger family and leave a legacy for generations to come.

We are Compass Point. New website. Same great expertise.

And ready to serve your family business.

Got questions? Check out our FAQs

Ready to get started? Book a 30-minute call to explore if Compass Point is the right firm for you.



Compass Point provides hands-on consulting and coaching to family-owned companies. We work

primarily with manufacturers, construction companies, and professional services firms with revenues

between $5M and $100M. Our team of family business experts helps business owners identify and then close

performance gaps; implement practical, actionable tools to drive growth; develop the next generation of

leaders; and position the business, owner, and family for a successful transition – all on their terms.



Lizette Dubacher profile picture
Lizette Dubacher

Lizette brings a strong business acumen and a track record of producing operational improvements and identifying new market opportunities to her work. Her approach to strategic planning involves solving complex problems, while aligning the hearts and minds of leadership teams around a shared vision. 

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