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Leadership. There are countless quotes on the topic. There is even more misunderstanding about where leadership comes from, how to nurture it within an individual, and why it matters.


“Effective leaders take a personal interest in the long-term development of their employees, and they use tact and other social skills to encourage employees to achieve their best. It isn’t about being ‘nice’ or ‘understanding’ – it’s about tapping into individual motivations in the interest of furthering an organization-wide goal.”  – W.C.H. Prentice


When a company understands the impact leadership development has on the organization, it becomes a non-negotiable priority.

That is why Leadership stands as its own pillar within the framework we implement with our clients.

We ask questions like…
… Do you have the right people, in the right seats, doing the right things?
… Would you rehire everyone today?
… Do you have a plan for growing the next generation of leaders?

When left to chance, leaders who are not aligned with the core values of the business can steer the company culture off course, cause good talent to leave, create communication barriers and ultimately impact the bottom line.


Do you find yourself and your team distracted by…
… The wrong people responsible for the wrong things
… Managers unable to work collaboratively
… Toxic productivity undermining company values & culture
… Or a revolving door in your hiring practices?

The Leadership Pillar of the Six Pillars of Family Business tackles all aspects of team dynamics, including family members who work in the business. Regardless of what products you make or services you provide, your people ARE your greatest asset.


Leadership coaching will ensure you have:

  • The right people accountable for the right results
  • Better team communication
  • More efficient and effective meetings
  • A process for growing the generation of leaders
  • The structures in place to attract and retain the very best talent

A high-performing team needs continuous investment, because of one simple fact: a company cannot outgrow its leadership.


Ready to elevate the potential of your team to grow something greater than you have today? Then make room in the budget for leadership development.

Consider our Leadership Lab Peer Group starting in March 2023. This 10-month program is ideal for any company that has a department manager or other key executive who is ready for that next level of leadership responsibility. Many of our past and present clients routinely place people in this class of non-competing companies, where these up-and-coming leaders can learn from one another.

While on our website, check out our leadership tools and blogs, too.


Leadership training is not a “nice thing to have”. It is a necessary investment in your employees, the company’s future, and its legacy. If you need to talk through a talent challenge, contact us.

A 30-minute call may be just the catalyst to better align your team for 2023.


Cheyenne Bennett profile picture
Cheyenne Sweeney

Cheyenne’s passion for serving people is evident in her gift for engaging the entire management team – from the owner to key executives during business sessions. Always having an interest in self-awareness and leadership, she helps teams better understand their role in the overall business strategy and company culture. 

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