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Learn about the importance of having clear strategies for short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals in business with Cheryl Doll, a Compass Point Family Advisor. Our strategy pillar aims to address common business pitfalls such as unclear goals, stalled growth, and inconsistent profitability by filling operational gaps within family businesses. The Six Pillars framework provides a unique market position, clear priorities, optimized profit and cash flow, a distinctive customer promise, and sustainable systems and processes.


What’s your strategy? What’s your strategy for the next 90 days? What about the next year? Actually, what about your long term strategy like 10 years from now or as we like to call it your Big Hairy Audacious Goal?

Is it written down somewhere for the entire leadership team to see and execute on? And is your leadership team all marching in the same direction or is there no map for them to follow?

Is your entire strategy locked up in your head somewhere? I am Cheryl Doll from Compass Point Consulting. Our team focuses on helping family business owners and their executive teams build sustainable businesses, align the ownership, and create stronger families in the process.

Our Six Pillars, a family business framework, is different from other operating systems for the simple fact that it is a comprehensive framework that dives into all aspects and areas of the business and the family dynamics that can impact the business.

So let’s talk about your business strategy. A succinct written strategy is the best course of action to win in the marketplace. Hands down our work with clients on this strategy addresses common business pitfalls such as unclear goals, vision and core values, unpredictable or stalled growth, inconsistent profitability, and lagging performance. Our strategy pillar pinpoints and then begins to fill the operational gaps that may be holding the company back.

So imagine this a unique and value driven market position, a visible and measurable set of priorities and action plans, levers to optimize profit and cash flow, a compelling customer promise that sets you apart, and the right systems and processes for sustainable success.

If you are ready to create a business that can run without you contact us. It’s a 30 minute call that can change the trajectory of your business and your family.

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