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My purpose is to help companies like yours not only grow the bottom line but to be a great place to work as well. I get excited when working with people who are passionate, like me, about what they do.

In order to help companies grow, I need to question them, which works out well for me because I love to ask questions. My colleagues at Compass Point can attest to this. Questions are the key to facilitating problem-solving as so much wisdom can come from building on each other’s questions, points, and opinions. Together, we collectively find solutions.

Asking questions allows for challenging the status quo, finding a better way to do things, and gaining valuable insights into topics like:

  • How to think about business cases and how to make decisions
  • How to think about wrong decisions or mistakes
  • It is ok to fail if you manage the risk and learn why/what went wrong
  • Mistakes are better than no action
  • What happens with no action is frustration, apathy, and no learning
  • Action means movement, change, risk, experience, and learning
  • Action implies asking reflective questions… What works? What doesn’t work? Why did it work/didn’t work? Can we do it differently? What can we improve?

Questions are the best way to identify problems and help people find the answers.

A question for you…
Do you question WHAT you do, HOW you do it, and most importantly WHY you do it?

Questions can help inform your business strategy, reveal where uncertainties or risks lie, and provide a roadmap for the future.

Don’t just ask yourself questions – invite your teams to do it. You will be surprised by the impact not only on your company but also on your team. People like to be part of the solution. People are usually not reluctant to change, they are reluctant to be changed.

Never stop asking questions. The wrong questions are better than no questions!

Let me know if you’d like Compass Point’s help.

That is what we do.
That is who we are.
And we are passionate about your success.
No question about that.

Reach out and start asking questions so you can lead your family business successfully.

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Lizette Dubacher

Lizette brings a strong business acumen and a track record of producing operational improvements and identifying new market opportunities to her work. Her approach to strategic planning involves solving complex problems, while aligning the hearts and minds of leadership teams around a shared vision. 

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