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Learn the importance of evaluating and optimizing your leadership team in family businesses. Cheyenne Sweeney, a Compass Point Consulting Family Advisor, highlights the significance of having the right people in the right positions to drive growth and maintain a positive company culture.


Take a second. Think about your leadership team. Now answer this question truthfully. Would you rehire everyone today? I’m Cheyenne Sweeney of Compass Point Consulting. We specialize in helping family business owners grow successful businesses, align the ownership, and build strong families in the process.

Do you have the right people in the right seats to scale your family business? Or do you find yourself distracted by the wrong people responsible for the wrong things, managers unable to work together, toxic productivity undermining your culture and your values, and high employee turnover.

The Leadership Pillar in the Six Pillars of your family business tackles all aspects of team dynamics, including family members on your team.

Regardless of what products you make or services you provide, your people are your greatest asset. Our leadership development will ensure that you have the right people accountable for the right results, better team communication, more efficient and productive meetings, a process for growing your next generation of leaders, and structures in place to attract and retain the very best talent.

A high performing team needs continuous investment because of one simple fact. A company cannot outgrow its leadership team.

Are you ready to elevate your team into something greater than you have today? Check out our leadership tools and resources on our website. Sign up for a 30-minute call and maybe just what you need to better align your team.

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