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How this owner and his daughter grew a business that had their competition calling.

appeeling fruit owner

Business Challenge:

From a small startup to a multi-million dollar business, this owner began looking to the future. While the company was growing, it was not in a sustainable way. He was wearing too many hats. A long-time controller was retiring. The remaining team was young, operating in siloed departments and missing key positions. There was no successor, no strategic plan, no marketing plan and no dedicated sales force. The absence of metrics and insights made it difficult to guide the financial future of the business and plan for the owner’s eventual transition. He realized he needed a better operating system.

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Owner Challenge:

  • Owner not having enough time to focus on the big impact opportunities
  • Too many decisions were making it all the way to the owner that should be handled by others on his team
  • Key employee retirements

What Owner Wanted:

  • Transition the business within five years and keep the brand alive
  • Improved communication and accountability with his leadership team
  • A clear plan for growth


Growth in revenue


Growth in profit


ROI on investment in 48 months

Results of the Compass Point Process

  • Developed rolling 3-year strategic plan with the leadership team; built in accountability and monthly meeting rhythm to monitor progress, learn, and adjust as needed
  • Hired key positions (purchasing, maintenance, sanitation, sales) that increased the business value
  • Grew top and bottom line substantially
  • Made deep inroads into a new market segment that made the company very attractive
  • Invested in professional development for the leadership team
  • Removed owner as the hub (hub & spoke model) moving responsibilities and accountability to his leadership team
  • Helped owner start to pull money out of the business in a tax efficient way and invest in other investments, reducing his risk and the amount of money he would need at transition
  • Developed an Emergency Management Plan that gave directions to his spouse and the leadership team as to what to do if he was unable to work for any reason (disability, death, etc…)
  • Transitioned some stock to a family member who was a key employee and being developed as the successor, prior to the 3rd party sale
  • Helped spouse manage her pension transition at her retirement and provided full visibility of the family’s financial picture

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