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More often than not, when I ask business owners what their lifestyle number is I hear either “I don’t know” or “I THINK I need (X)”.     These are smart people. They have built a business with revenues exceeding 5 million dollars, yet despite their hard work and attention to details, they have not asked the right questions nor have they been guided through the right discovery process to find... Read the Full Story
According to a recent survey conducted by the Exit Planning Institute, a staggering 75% of privately held business owners regret selling or transitioning out of their business within 12 months of the transaction. How is it possible that owners are so disappointed in just one year after what should be the happiest day of their life?  There is a disconnect between their head and their heart.   Most... Read the Full Story
You have the right people. You have planned a strategy. You may even have adequate cash on hand, yet something is off with your execution. There are missteps, miscommunications, and lost opportunities. So what obstacle may be lurking under the surface (or at the water cooler) that is keeping the family business from executing well and producing industry-leading profitability and performance?  ... Read the Full Story
“Did you hit your numbers?”    “Are we on budget?”  “What’s the Q2 target?”     Familiar questions I’m sure. Everybody loves revenue. It all starts with revenue, but as the title of this article states, “revenue is vanity, profit is sanity, and cash is king”.    Cash is the fuel your growing business needs to scale up and thrive and to take it a step further, the real number to pay... Read the Full Story
Family businesses often find themselves very fragmented in what they do and unclear whom they do it for. Trying to be too much for too many leads to mediocre results at best and can spiral into the commodity trap.    If you do not define a specialty and/or narrow your audience (down from everyone) your service or product will be seen as a commodity and your company will struggle to grow.... Read the Full Story
Posted by Tom Garrity on April 19, 2019
Ask yourself this question… “Would I enthusiastically rehire everyone on the team today?”  Cringing a little at the answer? Here’s a tool to help you evaluate this question. It is called the Player Grid.    The Concept: place each member of your team into one of the four boxes:  A-players, B-players, C-players, and B/C-players. Click here to download the worksheet and watch the Player Grid... Read the Full Story
Agendas. Rivalries. Poor communications. Confusion. No clarity. Assumptions. Competing values. There are a lot of factors that can get in the way of successfully growing a family business, and I did not even touch on the 5Ds!    Building a family business is tough. It’s widely known that only 33% make it to the second generation, 12% to the third, and a mere 3% to the fourth. While the statics... Read the Full Story
2018 is officially in the books! It’s time to take stock of bright spots and disappointments and start planning for 2019.  Some people think this whole practice is a waste of time, but I find that taking time to stop and reflect on the past year is critically important to personal, professional and business growth.     As business people, we’ve all heard the axiom, “you get what you measure... Read the Full Story
  We got the call in May of 2014 – the lump in my wife’s breast was breast cancer.  In that moment, the world as we knew it was turned upside down.      But not for long.    Family, friends, and our church began to rally around us, providing support and inspiration to ‘fight like a girl’.  One of those friends was Steve Kalamar, who had just seen a video of a commencement speech given by... Read the Full Story
Posted by Tom Garrity on December 20, 2018
We're wrapping up our Value Builder series, where we have been talking about eight drivers of business value. This concept comes from John Warrillow the CEO of Value Builder. John discovered that when these drivers are incorporated into a business – and truly maximized – they really position a business to perform well in the marketplace. So let’s do a recap, click on each to revisit the 8... Read the Full Story
Posted by Tom Garrity on November 7, 2018