Family Biz Matters

Author: Matthew Baran
  We have all heard the phrase “the only guarantees in life are Death and Taxes”. I would argue that “Change” should be added to that list.
Author: Lizette Dubacher
We are all too aware of current events nationally and around the world. For  two years running, we have been navigating  uncharted territory.
Author: John Bailie
I take full responsibility for my behavior. This is what I did and my part in what happened. How has what I’ve done affected you? I am willing to make things right. Here’s what I intend to do. Is there anything else you need from me? OR
Author: Cheryl Doll
At the age of 20, I was a college drop out. I had changed majors 4 times. I had no path.
Author: Matthew Baran
“We have always done it that way” This phrase seems harmless. Yet, these 7 words and the resistance behind them could cost your business dearly. Are you familiar with the “Valleys of Death”?
Author: Cheyenne Bennett
We’ve all been there. On a Zoom call and you see those little black screens.   No camera. Just a name. A headshot if they are Zoom savvy.  
Author: Matthew Baran
  Over the last few months, I have shared blogs about the 5Ds of Life – five life events that can derail your business – and cited real-life examples. The importance of preparing for these events in advance cannot be understated.  
Author: Lizette Dubacher
Author: Cheyenne Bennett
Steve Jobs famously wore the same outfit:
Author: Cheryl Doll
In case you haven’t heard, building and growing a business is quite complex.  It requires people, all of which have different perspectives, personalities, strengths, skills, motivations, etc. and all of whom must be in alignment in order for the company to grow.
Author: Matthew Baran
  Disagreements. We all have them.   Some small and insignificant. Others as WIDE and DEEP as the Grand Canyon.  
Author: Tom Garrity
Words matter.


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