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Business Systems: The Key to Scaling

Have you mapped out your core business systems? Can you ensure everyone on your team understands exactly what is needed and how to complete the required steps of your processes? Are you able to transfer that knowledge to new hires and train them? How will you fill the gap if a key employee leaves?

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What Sandbox Are You Playing In?

While a sandbox is an unconventional image to describe a facet of your business, it is the perfect analogy. And yes, it should conjure up images of your childhood and time spent in a shallow box filled with sand and, of course, a few toys...

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Business Value May Start Here, But It Can’t Stay Here

Business value is all about business transferability. That value initially started with you, your hard work, and the relationships you built. Y-O-U. But the value can't stay with you. Why? Because the more transferable your business is, the more value it has.  And that comes down to one question: “Can your business run without you?”

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