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What is Your Lifestyle Number?

More often than not, when I ask business owners what their lifestyle number is I hear either “I don’t know” or “I THINK I need (X)”...

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The 8 Family Business Transition Options – Which Will You Choose?

According to a survey conducted by the Exit Planning Institute, a staggering 75% of privately-held business owners regret selling or transitioning out of their business within 12 months of the transaction. How is it possible that owners are so disappointed just one year after what should be the happiest day of their life? There is a disconnect between their head and their heart.

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Business Value May Start Here, But It Can’t Stay Here

Business value is all about business transferability. That value initially started with you, your hard work, and the relationships you built. Y-O-U. But the value can't stay with you. Why? Because the more transferable your business is, the more value it has.  And that comes down to one question: “Can your business run without you?”

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Three Ways to Strengthen Family Connectedness

When the stakes are high, the strength of the family is often needed most. Therefore, family businesses need to have processes in place to build that strength before it is needed. Here are some suggestions for family leaders who want to strengthen family connectedness.

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