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Moving from replication to innovation

Business Challenge:

As a global merger & acquisition consultant, Curt was ready to end the long stints on the road away from his wife and young children. He did his due diligence and found a company with a unique product and a strong anchor customer. The owner was in his early 70s, he had no children, and was looking to retire. Curt bought the business in 2016 and began his new journey as CEO and business owner. Then COVID happened. The pandemic revealed some big holes in the business. Those gaps needed a systematic approach to shift from a culture of “we have always done it this way” replication to one of innovation. To scale the company and the team to the next level, he knew he needed an experienced partner to help the business realize its potential.

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Owner Challenge:

  • Exposed weaknesses were pulling him deeper into the day-to-day operations.
  • Attracting and developing talent to think like innovators rather than order takers
  • Creating new systems to scale quickly
  • Having a sounding board to discuss CEO-level ideas and help with accountability

What the Owner Wanted:

  • New culture of innovation
  • Core processes and procedures developed to be proactive rather than reactive to orders
  • Plan to address talent gaps
  • Develop leadership team to enable him to get out of the weeds and back into the CEO seat


Growth in Sales


Growth in Gross Profit

Results of the Compass Point Process

  • Developed a 3-year strategic plan with the leadership team, built-in accountability and monthly meeting rhythm to monitor progress, learn and adapt as needed
  • Developed Organization Chart and identified gaps needed for growth
  • Invested in technical recruiting and have filled some key positions
  • Developed a process for tracking orders end to end and are deploying the first stage from sales to engineering
  • Exceeded GPM target in 2021
  • Selected and began deployment of a CRM
  • Goal of 20 machines in 2022 – booked 38 by mid-year!
  • Develop cohesion amongst the leadership team, working as one synchronized unit rather than operating as silos

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