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Distilling leadership in a young team and business

Business Challenge:

As a first-time business owner, there is a real need to be hyper-focused on the day-to-day operations. It’s all-consuming to get your start-up running and moving in the right direction. That’s why 2 out of 10 new businesses fail within the first year*.


Working lean with a select team, it is common to slip into a self-narrative of how things are going, what is important, and what is a priority. This owner wondered if his young business was missing opportunities for improvement because they were all “IN” the business. What would somebody from the outside be able to see and very quickly identify as an area for improvement with long-term impact?

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Owner Challenge:

  • How to help a young team successfully step into leadership roles
  • How to shift from working “IN” to working “ON” the business
  • How to holistically embed company values into its culture

What the Owner Wanted:

  • Trust as a bond for his team
  • Effective communication to drive efficiency
  • A team unconcerned about WHO is right, but rather doing WHAT is right

Results of Leadership Lab Program:

  • Facilitated team relationships just as much as it facilitated communication
  • Established a common language, common understanding, a common field of play for the team
  • Invested in technical recruiting and have filled some key positions
  • Developed a process for tracking orders end to end and are deploying the first stage from sales to engineering
  • Created the ability to have crucial conversations to focus on doing WHAT’s right, rather than focus on WHO’s right
  • Used Myers Briggs anagrams in Slack to remind team of each other’s individual communication and learning preferences
  • Increased efficiency and efficacy of the team in daily operations – 80% of gain from 20% of effort
  • Improved self-awareness and communication skills created a ripple effect in the team’s personal lives outside of the business
  • While typically an in-person program, all of this was achieved virtually via Zoom during COVID

Results after 10 month program

A highly unified team, able to have the crucial conversations needed to grow the company to the next level.

“The fundamental requirement in any team endeavor is trust.”
– Chad Butters, Owner, Eight Oaks Distillery

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