My highly illogical journey to landing at Compass Point continues…

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How do you get your family business to ‘run well’?

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One of the most provocative questions I ask clients is“would you enthusiastically rehire everyone on your leadership team?”

Typically once they’ve processed what I’ve truly asked them, their eyes widen and I get an immediate “NO.” Or I get a long pause, sometimes an eye roll… and you can immediately feel the tension fill the room like a thick... Read the Full Story

As a new member of the Compass Point family, I would like to share how my myriad of life experiences landed me on the most perfect seat on the Compass Point bus. And why not have some fun using a classic TV theme you might just recognize.
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No company can outgrow its leadership team.  I’ve never seen one, and pretty sure I never will.  The leadership team is the ceiling of growth.   

But it’s more than the right people, right seats.  As Pat Lencioni, in his book The Advantage, states, “Organizational health is the last untapped competitive advantage out there, and it’s more important that all the others ever were.  It is... Read the Full Story

As a business owner – and THE leader of your company – I have a question for you.

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While most had their reflections written on 2020 in that first week of the New Year, I decided to wait a bit on sharing mine.  

2020 was an interesting year – a year like no other.  By December, I, and many others I know, really needed to pause and process what had transpired and find a way to regroup for whatever 2021 was going to bring. So I took some additional time at the end... Read the Full Story


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