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Transitioning business to next the generation
Electrical Contractor

Facilitated a two day off-site strategic planning retreat.  Began to develop and educate the emerging family leadership team in how the business works, taking some of the pressure off the current generation.  Continued work with the emerging leadership team over the following 24 months, defining and developing specific areas of business competency (sales, marketing, finance, etc…).

  • Emerging family leadership developed stronger bonds between themselves
  • Emerging family leadership aware of their business and personal development needs and created plans to meet them
  • Exiting family leadership gained an appreciation for the mentoring that would be required from them for a successful transition in the future
  • Business continued to grow – top and bottom line

“Tom is great to work with. He is very knowledgeable and motivating. He does a great job on keeping us focused, and challenging all of the team to think a little differently.  Working through transition is difficult, and it is great to have someone I can confide in.”

9:1 in 18 months

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